Team Race

Number: from 4 – 72

Time: 75 – 90 minutes

Location: Ude eller inde

If you are into speed, teamwork, competition and surprises along the way, then TeamRace is what you need.

TeamRace calls for a bit of courage – and challenges team collaboration skills, construction skills and motor skills.

The activity starts with an alternative RC Offroad Car Race with cool 1:18 sized cars – including a driver change and other challenges.

For the best bit, as all teams are done with the RC race, we hand out a large box each to each team that contains all the materials to construct and decorate the most fantastic soapbox car.

Each team now has 45 minutes more – to build a a car based on our pictogram instructions.

Finally, we use the fresh wheels for a breathtakingly entertaining and challenging obstacle race in the cars, with pit changes and everything that goes with it.

The activity ends with all cars being disassembled by the team, and an overall winning team is celebrated.

Get in touch to discuss.

Participants: From 4 – 72

Time: 75 – 90 minutes

Prerequisites: None – everyone can participate

Indoor: No – can be built indoors. However, the race will be outdoor in most cases

Outdoor: Yes

Safety: The activity is safe; we bring relevant preventive safety gear

Power: No

Team Race