Team Robin

Amount: from 5-100

Time: 60-120 minutes

Location: Outside (or inside in CPH)

TeamRobin is a classic team challenge with professional – and safe – archery equipment.

With up to 4 people in each team, each team has their own target (approx. 12-15 m).

There are up to 4 different rounds and a more extended training session initially.

Each competition has different ways of winning, which ensures that everyone on the team has the opportunity to contribute to a shared victory.

Get in touch to discuss.


Number: From 6-200 at the same – we have a setup of 25 courses.

Time: 60-120 min

Prerequisites: None – everyone can participate

Indoor: Can be held in a conference room/storage with 15 m from wall to wall

Outdoor: Yes – 15×15 meters or more is best

Safety: We bring relevant safety equipment

Power: No

Team Robin