Team Lazer

Amount: from 5-75

Time: 60 - 90 min.

Location: Outside

Laser Clay Pigeon Sg

Laser Clay Dove Shooting is close to actual Clay Dove Shooting, expect better in three ways:

  • Shoot with accurate rifles, but all internal mechanics are replaced with laser electronics. Which means no recoil, loud bangs or dangerous elements.
  • 5 people can shoot the SAME pigeon, making it very suitable for team events.
  • Everyone can follow the live score directly on a large display.
  • Our equipment also works in the dark. We use this for evening events or events in the winter months.
  • We have added tactical light on the rifles, and the pigeons glow in the dark.

At both day and night events, everyone goes through up to 4 rounds – with different ways to get points.

U to 15 teams can compete simultaneously. For this we use several pigeon throwers, so the pigeons come from several sides.

Get in touch to discuss.

Number: From 5-75 people divided into teams of 1-5 people at a time

Time: 60-90 min

Prerequisites: None – everyone can participate

Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes – approx. 20×50 meters of grass or solid ground

Safety: The activity is completely safe

Power: No

Team Lazer