Team Construct

Amount: from 6 persons

Time: 60-90 minutes

Location: Outside or inside

“Get the ball rolling”

“The Pipe” is a fun and educational team exercise that calls for analysis, ingenuity and collaboration.

Everyone contributes – in the simplest form – to constructing a tower that will support a pipe with built in challenges.

The task is for each team to build a COMPLETELY CLOSED PIPE SYSTEM that meets a few simple requirements. Yet it is remarkably challenging and fun.

A golf ball has to be able to to roll all the way to the bottom of the finished structure.

The instructor and your colleagues will test the construction who see if it meets all criteria. At the same time, the creative design and the collaboration along the way are a part of the final score

TeamConstruct works well as a formative experience focused on collaboration. The teams constantly have to adjust, invent, construct, evaluate, reinvent, adapt and qualify.

And everyone can contribute with their skills.

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Number: From 4-200 people divided into teams of 4 people

Time: 75-90 min

Prerequisites: None – everyone can participate

Area: Can be adapted to almost anywhere

Indoor: Can be held in a conference room/storage with 15 m from wall to wall

Outdoor: Yes

Safety: The activity does not require any particular security

Power: No

Team Construct