Team Box

Amount: 4 – 72

Time: 75-90 minutes

Location: Outisde or inside

A break-in TeamBattle Experience…

Some may have tried the entertaining ‘escape rooms’ around the world. We have flipped the concept, so it is both mobile and challenging. You compete against other teams to be the first in getting INTO a box.

Perfect for up to 18 teams of 3-4 people. In other words, suitable for groups of 4 to 72 people.

Each team is challenged to collaborate, and several of the tasks require parallel task solution.

After a short joint briefing, each team are introduced individually to a locked box and then the time counts down from 60 min. – the theme is: “Beat the box …”. The winning team is the one that gets into the box and presses the red button – before time runs out.

Breathtaking, tactical and entertaining – it feels like a mission impossible – and takes 60 minutes or less!


Number: From 4-72 people divided into teams of 3-4 people at the same time

Time: 75-90 min

Prerequisites: None – everyone can participate

Area: Can be adapted to almost anywhere

Indoor: Yes

Outdoor: Yes – in the summertime

Security: The activity does not require any particular security

Power: No

Team Box