Team Track

Amount: from 4+

Time: 60-150 minutes

Location: Outside

TeamTrack – Action GPS Battle

Communication and collaboration can be challenged in many ways – One of the most popular is TeamTrack.

At TeamBattle, we host more than 200 TeamTracks a year – and it is a modular platform where we tailor your TeamTrack precisely to you.

Equipped with a digital gaming setup for each team, we create a modern, easy-to-understand and challenging point-to-point based GPS race.

The tasks are be a mixture of our entertaining facts, professional tasks, on-screen visual challenge, as well as pictures of colleagues who make film clips and Yoga exercises and much more. Add in your own FunFacts if you are up for taking it to the next level.

The teams that manage to optimize communication, streamline collaboration, prioritize tasks, and collect the most points win the competition.

But be aware – wrong answers equal minus points.

TeamTrack works well as an active social and educational activity, with built-in movement at your own pace – expect approx. 3 km / 90 min.

A TeamTrack can be expanded to include customized versions of active items such as archery, Laser Pigeon shooting or a Segway battle. Get in touch to discuss.

Number: From 4-1000 people divided into teams of 3-5 people at the same time

Time: 60-150 min

Prerequisites: None – everyone can participate

Indoor: Yes – by appointment – we can customize it with QR codes instead of GPS

Outdoor: Yes

Safety: The activity is completely safe.

Power: No

Team Track